General Information

We understand that an electrodiagnostic test is a new experience for most patients.  It is our practice to make sure that each patient fully understands the procedure, and how the procedure is expected to help them, prior to proceeding with the test.  We do not proceed with the test until the patient’s questions are answered, and gives consent to proceed.  The test may be an uncomfortable experience for some patients, and it is our policy to allow the patient to control the decision on whether or not to discontinue the test prematurely.

For your comfort, we ask that you consider wearing (or bringing) loose-fitting clothes for the procedure.  For example, if you are having problems with your arm/arms, we ask you to wear a short-sleeve, loose-fitting shirt.  For lower limb studies, it is appropriate to wear loose-fitting shorts (so we can access your hip area, if needed).  We have found that patients would prefer to wear their own clothes, rather than an uncomfortable/ill-fitting gown.

There is no need to do anything special to prepare for the test.  We ask that you avoid applying body lotions or perfumes prior to the procedure (you may apply directly after the procedure).  Also, you may eat prior to the test, and take all of your regular medications.  If you feel that you may have significant problems with pre-test anxiety, please contact us prior to your visit.